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Carys Ofalus


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Pass Plus


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Passed your driving test? Here's the plus side...


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Passed your driving test? Here's the plus side...


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Gwynedd Primary School pupils urge motorists to slow down


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Road Safety improvements


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Belt up – and save a life

Police across Wales have vowed to crack down on motorists and passengers not wearing seatbelts as part of an All Wales Seatbelt Campaign which begins today (Monday 7th March). Officers are warning that ‘belting up can save a life’ and they will be monitoring the roads for those ignoring the law.

Young Farmers Club hold a session on Road Safety

Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Unit were recently invited by the Young Farmers Club of Dyffryn Nantlle to hold a session on various road safety issues. As Gwynedd Council is constantly working to see a reduction in the number of young drivers / passengers killed and seriously injured on their roads this was a perfect opportunity. As it is a fact that young drivers are disproportionally at risk of being killed or seriously injured on the roads and are the most at-risk 17-25 age group. They make up a percentage of 11% of driving licence holders but 20% of casualties in 2011. Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision during the first 6 months after passing their test due to:  Lack of experience  Carrying passengers  Driving during the hours of darkness  Peer Pressure The Road Safety Unit at Gwynedd Council decided to hold talks on attending Pass Plus Cymru which offers drivers:  Motorway driving  The opportunity to improve their driving techniques and hazard awareness  Driving at night  Coping with hazards in busy towns and cities  Driving on rural roads  Better driving skills  More chance of lower insurance  Less chance of a collision or injuring yourself, friends and others Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member who leads on road safety said: “As well as reducing the risk of a young driver being involved in a crash, taking part in the Pass Plus Cymru scheme will also allow participants to save money on car insurance. It is a brilliant scheme and we would encourage young drivers to take advantage of it. All members who attended noted that they had enjoyed the evening and had gained valuable knowledge with some members seriously considering attending the Pass Plus scheme.” PHOTOGRAPH: Members of Dyffryn Nantlle Young Farmers.

Gwynedd Primary School pupils urge motorists to slow down

Gwynedd Primary School pupils urge motorists to slow down

Talysarn pupils take part in national road safety scheme

Year 1 and 2 pupils from Ysgol Gynradd Talysarn recently took part in the national Kerbcraft road safety scheme. This scheme is aimed at teaching pupils aged between 5 and 7 years old how to cross the road safely and to assist young children to make the right choices as they integrate with traffic.

Active travel

Following the public consultation a report has been produced for the Welsh Government detailing Gwynedd Council’s consultation conclusions, a statement referring to Gwynedd’s

Severe Weather

If you must travel in wintry weather remember: • Slow down and leave plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front. • Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels lock, ease off the brakes. • Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists and always clear all ice and snow off the car windows before setting out. • Drive slowly on snow in the highest gear possible. • Do not assume your vehicle can handle all conditions. Even four-wheel drive vehicles can encounter trouble on winter roads. • Carry wellingtons or other strong boots and weatherproof clothing in case your have to get out and walk, or push a car.

Calling Motorcyclists in Gwynedd and Anglesey

Calling all motorcyclists, although for some riding a motorcycle is a year round activity for many their pride and joy is placed under wraps until the spring. However, it is time to prepare for your anticipated activity now. Why not consider a BikeSafe facility near you.

Keep Our Roads Safe This Christmas

This Christmas police will be targeting drivers who risk their lives and the lives of others by driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Led by Gwent Police on behalf of the four Welsh police forces, the month-long campaign will run from 1st December 2015 to 1st January 2016. Last year in Gwynedd a total of 15,627 motorists took part in the campaign, with 76 returning either positive results or failing/refusing to take the breath test.

Road Safety at Ysgol Cymerau

A site meeting was held recently between the staff at Ysgol Cymerau and officers from Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Unit to discuss how they would be able to improve road safety around the school in Pwllheli. As part of the work, 20mph signs will be installed near the site to remind motorists that they are driving near a school, with the school’s pupils taking part in a drawing competition to create the design for the road safety signs.

Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety unit launch a scheme for Mature Drivers

As it’s National Road Safety Week, Gwynedd Council’s road safety team have launched a scheme for ‘Mature Drivers’ at Bangor Library. As part of the campaign, the Road Safety unit will be promoting training which is available free of charge to mature drivers 65+. The scheme is supported by the Welsh Government. Paula Owen, Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Officer, said: “The free driving assessment is open to all drivers aged 65 years and over and gives individuals the opportunity to have a qualified driving instructor go out with them in their own car for a short drive, on a familiar route, to offer tips and advice on staying safe and well behind the wheel which will help them to retain the independence that a car gives them whilst also ensuring they continue to drive safely. As part of the launch at Bangor Library, there was also an opportunity to ask about the changes in the law and what it takes to be a safe driver.

Volunteers needed for Community Speed Watch

North Wales Police are looking for local volunteers to help deter speeding motorists across the region. Launched ahead of National Road Safety Week, Community Speed Watch aims to educate drivers about the dangers of speeding, whilst addressing concerns of local residents about cars speeding through their neighbourhoods. The initiative is a partnership approach between the community, the police and the local authorities which is already running successfully in other police force areas.

Junior Road Safety Officers

Photographed with Dona Direidi are some of the Junior Road Safety Officers, the picture was taken at the Anglesey Prize Giving Afternoon held before the summer holidays. This was an opportunity to celebrate the work of four well established projects on the Island.

Pwllheli Rainbows

Pwllheli Rainbows have been busy trying to earn their road safety badge. They had to do various activities to prove that the know how to behave by busy roads and that they know The Green

Promoting Child Pedestrian Safety

Officers from Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Unit recently visited Ysgol Talysarn as part of a scheme to promote child pedestrian safety. Kerbcraft is a National Strategy for Child Pedestrian Safety Financed by the Welsh Government. It teaches children aged from 5-7 how to be safer pedestrians by taking them onto real roads and showing them how the right decision-making and behaviour can really help them to keep safe.

Gwynedd Council supports Pass Plus Cymru for young drivers

Gwynedd Council is supporting the Road Safety Wales initiative which aims to tackle the high number of young drivers and passengers involved in road traffic accidents each year. The Pass Plus Cymru scheme is aimed at young drivers between the ages of 17 and 25, who have recently passed their test, and to give them extra driving skills and experience to help reduce the risk of being involved in road traffic collisions.

Ysgol Bro Hedd Wyn

Following Road Safety improvements by the Transportation and Street Care Service to improve the safety situation near Ysgol Bro Hedd Wyn, Trawsfynydd, pupils participated in a drawing competition to create 20mph signs which will

Ysgol Morfa Nefyn

Recently the Road Safety Unit along with the character Carys Ofalus visited the pupils of Ysgol Morfa Nefyn to discuss various road safety issues and also to discuss the possibility of the pupils continuing with their good

Road Safety Lessons for Pupils at Ysgol y Gorlan, Tremadog

Recently Year 1 and 2 pupils at Ysgol y Gorlan, Tremadog learned about road safety as part of the Kerbcraft scheme that is administered by Gwynedd Council. Kerbcraft promotes child safety and is funded by the Welsh Government. Under the supervision of Shirley Wyn Williams, from Gwynedd Council, the pupils have been making the most of the Kerbcraft scheme. The scheme has taught the children how to be safe pedestrians when going out to the side of the road and taught them to make correct decisions and how to cope with traffic to keep them safe.

Ysgol Y Gorlan . . . . . . .

This is a lovely picture of children from Ysgol Y Gorlan, Tremadog participating in the Walk to School Week. The campaign encourages parents and children to leave the car at home and take the chance to get outside and get fit by walking to and from school. The campaign also highlights various road safety issues and the benefits of walking to school.

Abererch pupils urge motorists to slow down!

Following concerns from the community about road safety issues in the vicinity of Ysgol Abererch, Gwynedd Council’s Transportation and Street Care Service worked together with the pupils at the school to address the problem. After discussions, and with the aim of reducing the risk to pupils who attend the school, the pupils were asked to participate in a competition to create a poster aimed at encouraging drivers not to speed in the vicinity of the school. The posters presented by the pupils were of a very high standard, which made judging very difficult. However one of the winners of the competition was Harry Walker. Many congratulations to him and to all the pupils who took part!

Latest figures

The latest police recorded road accident and casualty figures for Wales for 2014 show that, 103 people were killed on Welsh roads last year, a decreased of 7% compared to 2013. However, Partners in Road Safety Wales remain concerned that the slight overall improvement in the casualty figures has been overshadowed by the increase in the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads. (10% higher than the average for 2004-08)* Susan Storch, Chair of Road Safety Wales said, “Wales welcomes motorcyclists who are naturally drawn to the stunning scenery, winding roads, and motorcycle friendly businesses. However, Partners are concerned about the number who do not make it safely home, whether they are on a day out or riding to and from work.”

Passed your driving test? Here's the plus side...

…discover more driving techniques, hints and tips for just £20 (if you're aged 17-25 and live in Anglesey or Gwynedd) Join one of the following workshops below by contacting

Ysgol Bro Lleu

Following complaints by the School’s Head Teacher of inconsiderate and dangerous parking near Ysgol Bro Lleu, Penygroes, an Officer from the Council’s Transportation and Street Care Service developed a road safety project with Year 6 pupils to address the problem and reduce the risk to pupils attending Ysgol Bro Lleu. As part of the project the pupils took part in a poster competition aimed at encouraging drivers, including parents not to park on the yellow Zig Zag lines in the vicinity of the school.

Total Safety Day at RAF Valley

Gwynedd and Anglesey Road Safety and their partners North Wales Fire and Rescue and North Wales Police attended a Total Safety Day at RAF Valley on Friday.

Active travel - public consultation

A public consultation will open during June 2015 giving you the opportunity to have your say about the facilities available for pedestrians and cyclists in Gwynedd.

20mph Rule Outside Schools

“Research shows that reducing speed on the roads dramatically reduces the severity of collisions and encourages more people to walk. There are approximately 560 20mph speed limits and zones in Wales, many of which have been funded by the Welsh Government”[1].


The Road Safety Officers at Parc School are very industrious. They borrowed a pretend road, pavement and pelican crossing from Anglesey County Council’s Road Safety Unit in order to teach the Infants all about the Green Cross Code. During the session they talked about the importance of holding an adult’s hand, looking both ways and listening before crossing the road.

Summer Anti Drink Driving Campaign 2015

Gwynedd Mon Road Safety Partnership has been raising awareness of the upcoming summer Drink drive Campaign by promoting young driver road safety in Coleg Menai campuses in both counties. Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service`s “Y Fan” supported by North Wales Fire and Rescue staff Paul Jones and Paul Williams visited the colleges in May to raise awareness of the Campaign together with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service Subaru and North Wales Police who were explaining the new roadside drugs test which has been enforced since March 2015.


Following Road Safety improvements by the Transportation and Street Care Service to improve the safety situation near Ysgol Y Gorlan, Tremadog, pupils participated in a drawing competition to create 20mph signs which will be placed at each end of the main road to the school entrance. Judging the competition was very difficult as all the pictures were of high standards. After very careful consideration by two independent judges the winners were announced, which were the Nursery class and Harriet Barton. Congratulations to them.


As we get older the likelihood of being injured on the road increases so it's helpful to become more aware of the potential hazards and how to avoid them. The roads, the amount of traffic and the types of cars we drive have all changed dramatically over the years so maybe this is a good time for drivers aged over 60 to take advantage of attending a free driving assessment that is funded by Gwynedd Council.

Road safety – Gwynedd Council leads the way

A road safety campaign aimed at cutting the number of motorcyclists seriously injured or killed in Gwynedd has been hailed as a success and is set to be used as a blue-print for similar campaigns in Gwynedd and by other local authorities. According to collision statistics gathered over recent years, motorcyclists are among the road users most likely to be involved in serious traffic accidents here in Gwynedd, and the A494 between Bala and Druids has been identified as a specific black-spot. A partnership between Gwynedd Council, the emergency services, the Trunk Road Agency, the National Park and the Welsh Government was formed aimed at reducing casualties involving motorcyclists by focusing on this particular stretch of road and using the Welsh Government’s Road Safety Framework as a guide for the project. Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for road safety, said: “During 2011, motorcyclists made up 39% of those either killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions on Welsh roads though they only represent about one per cent of road traffic. I think most people would agree that the tragic deaths or life changing injuries are shocking. “Whilst a diverse range of motorcyclists are involved in collisions, a disproportionate number of these casualties are men, riding on rural roads in the summer months. To achieve the significant improvement we want, it is important that we and our partners target this group. “We should also take into account the financial repercussions of serious collisions – it can cost the public purse up to £1.7 million to deal with the effects of fatal road collisions, for example the costs by the emergency services, clearing away the debris, investigating the cause of the accident, court and coroner costs. “Working with our key partners to reduce the number of serious and fatal collisions is also important if we are to keep Gwynedd’s reputation as a good place to live and also a good place to visit. A high number of motorcyclists from all over the UK and Europe visit our county to enjoy the spectacular scenery and they provide a significant boost to the local economy.” The partnership came up with practical steps to cut the risk of accidents on this route, which included:


Many schools on Anglesey arranged events to raise money for Children in Need. In one school children came to school dressed as their heroes. One little girl dressed up as a School Crossing Patrol. School Crossing Patrols are real heroes, working in all weathers looking after our children as they cross the road. A big thank you to all School Crossing Patrols for their valuable contribution to Road Safety.

Road Safety Lessons for Pupils of Groeslon School.

All year 1 school pupils at Groeslon School, have recently been learning about road safety as part of the Gwynedd Council administrated Kerbcraft scheme. Kerbcraft promotes safety for children; the scheme is funded by the Welsh Government. Under the supervision of Shirley Wyn Williams from Gwynedd Council pupil’s from Year 1 of Groeslon have made the most of the Kerbcraft scheme. The Scheme teaches children aged 5 – 7 to be safe pedestrians by taking them out to the side of the road and teaching them that making the right decisions and how to cope with traffic help keep safe. The children are taken out of the schools in groups by specially trained volunteers who teach the young pedestrians three skills: 1. Identify safe crossing points and routes to cross the road. 2. Learn how to cross safely in areas where cars are parked. The children are taught to use a safe strategy to cross near parked cars – if the situations are unavoidable. 3. Learn how to cross safely near junctions. On completing the scheme all year 1 pupil’s received a certificate and high visibility bag from Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Mascot Careful Carys.


To support the Christmas Anti Drink Drive Campaign 2014 which was launched 1st of December and will carry through December, Anglesey’s Road Safety Advisor Bethan Parry and Alcohol Awareness officer Cara Williams attended sixth form common rooms offering non-alcoholic cocktails to students. They raised awareness of students having their drinks spiked and how to prevent it and also the dangers of being over the permitted alcohol limit if they were driving the morning after, especially with the run up to Christmas parties. With thanks to all five of the islands high schools over 400 students participated and took on board the advice. During last year`s campaign North Wales Police carried out 18,159 breath tests with 107 being positive. Some of the highest readings recorded during the campaign in North Wales were 133, 129 and 124 – the legal limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. All three individuals have been charged and have appeared before the courts. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first drink drive advertising campaign which together with better enforcement has led to road deaths falling from 1,640 in 1967 to 230 in 2012.

Ymgyrch Gwrth Yfed a Gyrru Nadolig 2014

Maen hanner can mlynedd ers lansio’r ymgyrch atal yfed a gyrru cyntaf, mae Heddlu Gogledd Cymru heddiw yn lansio eu hymgyrch blynyddol yn erbyn modurwyr sy’n gyrru o dan ddylanwad alcohol a chyffuriau. Arweinir yr ymgyrch eleni gan Heddlu Dyfed Powys a hynny rhwng dydd Llun 1 Rhagfyr 2014 a 1af Ionawr 2015. Dros y pedair wythnos nesaf bydd miloedd o fodurwyr yn cael eu stopio wrth i dimau o’r pedwar Heddlu - Dyfed Powys, Gogledd Cymru, De Cymru a Gwent, fynd ati i gynnal profion anadl ochr y ffordd mewn amrywiaeth o leoliadau a gwahanol amseroedd ledled y wlad. Y llynedd, cynhaliwyd 18,159 o brofion anadl yng Ngogledd Cymru gyda 107 o’r rheini yn bositif. Roedd rhai o’r darlleniadau uchaf a gafwyd yn ystod yr ymgyrch y llynedd yn 133, 129 a 124 gyda’r lefel gyfreithiol yn 35 microgram o alcohol ym mhob 100 mililitr o anadl. Eleni, bydd heddluoedd o bob rhan o’r wlad yn canolbwyntio ar yrru o dan ddylanwad cyffuriau neu alcohol ac yn gorfodi’r gyfraith ym mhob rhan o’r wlad. Bydd hyn ochr yn ochr ag ymgyrchoedd hysbysebu, cyfryngau cymdeithasol a bydd rhai heddluoedd yn enwi’r gyrwyr hynny y mae gwasanaeth Erlyn y Goron yn penderfynu eu herlyn. Meddai’r Prif Arolygydd Darren Wareing o Uned Plismona’r Ffyrdd yr Heddlu: “Os byddwch yn yfed a gyrru'r Nadolig hwn byddwch yn cynyddu eich siawns o ladd rhywun diniwed, chi eich hun neu’r ddau, a hynny’n sylweddol. Mae mor syml â hynny. Dywedodd Colin Jones, Cadeirydd Partneriaeth Diogelwch Ffyrdd Gwynedd-Môn “ Maen pwysig i gofio bod yr alcohol fyddwch yn mwynhau yn ystod y nos yn gallu aros yn eich sustem am lawer o oriau wedi i chi stopio yfed”. “Y cyngor fyddai yn rhoi yw os fyddwch yn yfed alcohol yn ystod y gwyliau Nadolig gwnewch drefniadau sut i fynd adref heb yrru. Peidiwch a chynnig alcohol i rywun rydych yn gwybod bydd yn gyrru a pheidiwch a derbyn lifft gan rywun sydd wedi bod yn yfed alcohol”. “Dylai pobol hefyd sylweddoli gallant dal fod dros y ffin bore wedyn. Efallai eich bod yn teimlo yn iawn , ond allwch dal fod gydag alcohol yn eich sustem sydd yn gallu amharu ar eich gyrru”. Rydym ni ac ein Partneriaid yn benderfynol o wneud ein ffyrdd yn fwy diogel, fydd Swyddogion Diogelwch Ffyrdd yn ymweld ag ardaloedd allweddol yn Gwynedd a Môn i ddosbarthu cyngor a negeseuon ir cyhoedd am y peryglon a chanlyniadau o yrru o dan effaith alcohol neu gyffuriau “. “Rydym yn annog y cyhoedd i ffonio 101 os ydynt yn dal gwybodaeth am rywun sydd y tu ôl ir olwyn ar ôl yfed neu cymryd cyffuriau - efallai eich gweithred chi fydd yn achub bywydau”.

The Fatal Five

Over 200 students at Coleg Menai LLangefni were given the opportunity of learning valuable road safety lessons when the Deadly Impacts Roadshow presented at their campus. Paramedic Dermot O’Leary and the fire service`s Community Safety Team Leader Sharon Bouckley gave a graphically illustrated presentation and some of the students were given the opportunity of interacting during some of the demonstrations. The Fatal Five alcohol, speed, seatbelts, mobile phones and careless driving were all highlighted as major causes of collisions and fatalities by young drivers and they were also informed of the upcoming Christmas Anti Drink Drive Campaign. Pictured is Ian Wilkie being strapped into a spinal board during a demonstration on how the emergency services extricate a casualty from a wrecked vehicle.


Sunday 26th October is a significant date in everyone’s life. Why? It is the day that the clocks go back an hour . This is a particularly significant date for drivers because it may well be the first time in a long while that they have made their daily commuting journey in the dark. Will the lights on your car, motorcycle, or bicycle be fully functioning? When did you last check that they are all working properly? The Highway Code stipulates that you MUST: Ensure all sidelights and rear registration plate lights are lit between sunset and sunrise Use headlights at night, except on a road which has lit street lighting. These roads are generally restricted to a speed limit of 30 mph Use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced Night (the hours of darkness) is as the period between half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise. Why not make it a task this weekend to check the lights on your vehicle, whatever that is, to ensure that you will not be caught out when the clocks go back.


The Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnership are supporting North Wales Police with their campaign that will run through October which aims to reduce the number’s of drivers who risk using a mobile phone whilst driving. The force will be clamping down on those who continue to ignore the law and endanger all other road users, there will be a zero tolerance approach. Despite the law change in February 2007 where using a mobile phone while driving can result in three penalty points and a further increase to a £100 fine back in 2013, drivers in Wales are still persisting with this dangerous activity and breaking the law. Nearly 1,000 motorists were caught using their mobile phones while at the wheel during the 2012 campaign with 148 fixed penalty notices being handed out in North Wales.

Gwynedd primary school pupils calling on motorists to slow down

With the arrival of the new school year, pupils from three primary schools in Gwynedd want to remind motorists to drive carefully past their schools, Pupils form Ysgol Bethel near Caernarfon, Ysgol Dyffryn Ardudwy in Meirionnydd and Ysgol Pentreuchaf near Pwllheli – three schools in areas with different traffic flow – have taken part in an innovative pilot scheme to encourage motorists to stick within the 20 miler per hour speed limit outside their schools. The pilot scheme involved pupils form the three schools taking part in a competition to design a sign to be placed outside the schools. This is the first time a scheme of its kind between the Council’s Transport Unit with participation from the schools has been trailed in Gwynedd. Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Environment said:



Fresher’s Fairs at local Collages

At the beginning of the new educational year, Gwynedd and Anglesey Council’s Road safety units were invited to participate at the Fresher’s fair at Coleg Menai Bangor, Coleg Menai Llangefni, Coleg Meirion Dwyfor Dolgellau and Coleg Glynllifon Working in partnership, the units were able to engage and make contact with over 2000 young students, some were new drivers and others who were pre-drivers. The themes of the day were Deadly Mates and Pass Plus Cymru. The days were a great success and both road safety units have been invited back next year.

Commonwealth Games Baton

Recently Sir Dave Brailsford.who used to live in Gwynedd came to Caernarfon especially to take part in the Commonwealth Baton Relay. Sir Dave was cycling with the baton from Caernarfon to Llanberis accompanied by members of the local cycling club Clwb Menai and cyclists from Gwynedd Council. All cyclists wore their 1.5Metre cycling gillets as they do on a regular basis when there out and about on the roads of both counties. Sir Dave presented Welsh Minister of Culture and Sports, John Griffiths, himself a keen cyclist with a gillet on behalf of the Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership.

Workshop for Motorcycle Commuters

A workshop aimed at promoting safe driving techniques for people who use low powered motorcycles and mopeds to get to and from work is to be hosted by Bikesafe North Wales. Research shows that there has been a significant rise in the number of road traffic collisions throughout North Wales involving lower powered motorcycles. Overall KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) motorcycle casualties have experienced an increase, between January and June this year compared to the same period last year. So far this year there have been 39 compared to 24 in 2013 with over 70% of the riders being blameworthy for the collisions. One theory is that more people are using low powered bikes as they are more economical to use and riders can make savings on fuel costs. The special workshop, being held on Sunday 13th July on the St Asaph Business Park, is being run by Bikesafe – a police-led motorcycle project that is run by most forces in the UK with the main aim being to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on the roads. North Wales Police Bikesafe Co-ordinator Paul Cheshire MBE said: “Bikesafe already provides education especially to riders of larger machines where they are ridden on rural roads. Bikesafe now aims to introduce specific education for commuters. “The key messages for this type of riding are somewhat different to that for leisure riders.

Carys Ofalus encouraging Gwynedd youngsters to keep safe on the roads

Carys Ofalus is Gwynedd Council’s much loved road safety character and is central to the campaign to encourage Gwynedd youngsters to stay safe on the county’s roads. Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Unit have updated and modernised the extremely popular book which is a vital resource within Carys Ofalus’ road safety campaign. The book was launched in its new form on the Gwynedd Council stall at the Meirionnydd Urdd National Eisteddfod and a host of youngsters came to listen to a reading of Carys’ story. Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member responsible for road safety said: “The Carys Ofalus campaign has been very popular with Gwynedd youngsters over the past few years. Indeed, the books, activities and catchy songs have successfully established Carys as one of the county’s primary school children’s favourite character whilst also educating them about the importance of road safety in a fun way. “I’m sure that re-launching this book will ensure that Carys Ofalus will continue to play an important part in Gwynedd school children’s educations for years to come.” For more information about Carys Ofalus, or about the Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership visit

Walk to School 23/05/2014

Children of Ysgol Coedmawr Bangor ventured out in the early morning pouring rain to walk to school with the walking bus. They were picked up at the bottom of Ffordd Coedmawr and on route by teachers and road safety staff to s

Walk to School Week

In spite of the weather Ysgol Y Garnedd Bangor’s Walking bus was very busy during walk to school week 19th to 23rd May. The walking bus which started its journey outside Ysgol Uwchradd Tryfan was organised by Councillor Elin Walker Jones and Paula Owen Road safety officer

A494 - Road Safety Initiative

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend traditionally sees a large gathering of motorcycling enthusiasts taking to the roads of North Wales. The ‘A494 Road Safety’ public engagement day held at the Ponderosa Café at the Horseshoe Pass Complex, Llangollen, a popular meeting place for motorcyclists, on Bank holiday Monday 21st April 2014, provided a unique and informative way of reaching out to motorcycle users to inform them of the potential risks they face when travelling the route. A joint task force of organisations from across North Wales (the North Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Welsh Ambulance Service, Trunk Roads Agency, Gwynedd Council, Snowdonia National Park, BikeSafe, GoSafe and North Wales Police) have collaborated to address this road safety issue that affects in particular, the section of the A494 between Corwen (A5 junction) and Bala. A key aim of the partnership is to raise awareness of the dangers facing motorists, in particular motorcyclists, when driving this notoriously beautiful but challenging route. Representatives from the partner organisations participated in the initiative on the day, which, along with guest appearances and volunteers made the day’s events both interactive and enjoyable for those visiting the area. A number of key messages were on display including newly installed signposting as well as a specially designed leaflet highlighting precautions that motorcyclists can take to ensure their safety on roads in the region. Colin Jones, Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Manager said:

Raising awareness at Ysgol Santes Helen, Caernarfon

Pupils from Ysgol Santes Helen, Caernarfon have been working with the Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership to raise awareness of inconsiderate parking outside their school. Drivers have been parking on yellow zigzag lines outside their school and causing problems for pupils as they try to cross the road safely towards the school. A poster designing competition to encourage drivers to ‘keep the yellow zigzag lines clear’ was recently held at the school, and the winning design has been used as a banner and signs and placed outside the school. Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council’s Environment Cabinet Member said:

Motorists: Beware children playing as clocks go forward

British Summer Time officially arrives this weekend as the clocks go forward an hour at 1am on Sunday 30 March. As the country prepares to "spring forward” and with the Easter school holidays coming up, we're reminding motorists to take extra care on the roads as children begin to play out in the evenings. Motorists are advised to:

Unique parking scheme at Ysgol Eifion Wyn

Pupils at Ysgol Eifion Wyn in Porthmadog have been fundamental in launching a new scheme that will improve road safety outside their school. Thanks to the new scheme, developed by the Council and the school, parents will be able to park for free during certain periods as the drop-off and pick-up their children from school. This new scheme encourages parents to leave their cars in the public car park close-by rather than in the school’s staff car park or at the leisure centre, and walk their children to school. Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council’s Environment Cabinet Member said:

Pass Plus Cymru

Statistics show that young people between the ages of 16 and 25 are

Road Safety Lessons for Pupils of Cymerau School, Pwllheli

All year 1 school pupils at Cymerau School, Pwllheli have recently been learning about road safety as part of the Gwynedd Council administrated Kerbcraft scheme. Kerbcraft promote’s safety for children, the scheme is funded by the Welsh Government. Under the supervision of Angharad Mair Davies, Gwynedd Council’s Kerbcraft Coordinator pupils from Year 1 of Cymerau have made the most of the Kerbcraft scheme. The Scheme teaches children aged 5 – 7 to be safe pedestrians by taking them out to the side of the road and teaching them that making the right decisions and how to cope with traffic help them keep safe. The children are taken out of the schools in groups by specially trained volunteers who teach the young pedestrians three skills: 1. Identify safe crossing points and routes to cross the road.

Car Control


Young Drivers

In conjunction with the up and coming All Wales enforcement campaign that North Wales Police will run for one week from 3rd February 2014 targeting young drivers a road safety event was held in local Colleges. The Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership hired the services of Andy Grove and Kenny McDonald from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service with their latest innovative road safety resource the interactive van.

Cycle Safety Initiative

Kevin Williams from Llanberis who supports the 1.5m initiative Cyclists in Gwynedd have welcomed Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnerships’ latest campaign aimed at raising awareness among all road users to be more conscious and mindful of one another. The key message of the campaign is to encourage cyclists to be more visible on the road and to raise awareness amongst motorists of the importance of a minimum 1.5 metre space when passing.

Working together to improve road safety.

With statistics showing that young drivers remain the most likely to be involved in road traffic collisions, the Gwynedd-Mon Road Safety Partnership is currently visiting secondary schools in Gwynedd to raise awareness about the dangers posed to young people on the roads. Road safety officers from Gwynedd Council were joined by representatives from the emergency services at a recent event at Ysgol y Moelwyn, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Pupils had the chance to take part in a simulator, use an interactive safety vehicle which highlights the dangers faced by young people on the road and listened to presentations from road safety professionals.

Be bright be seen.

Be bright, Be seen when walking and cycling to school was the main message conveyed by the Safety Team at Talwrn school. Following a meeting with Ceri (Road Safety) and Beca (Bike It Officer) the School Road Safety and Bike It Officers decided to prepare a presentation that would encourage their friends to wear something bright or light whilst travelling to school. The Safety Team were very concerned to learn that many accidents occur when drivers find it difficult to see Pedestrians and Cyclists who wear dark clothes. These are accidents which could be avoided.

Teddy Bear

The sixth All Wales Multimedia Competition was launched in September 2013 with a challenge to all Welsh schools, colleges and youth groups to devise, perform and record a multimedia presentation with an anti drink-drive message in time for Christmas. Participants were encouraged to use a variety of genre: film, music, PowerPoint, poetry, animation – the choice was theirs. For their considerable efforts, four regional winners have been selected by the judges to receive a prize of £500.

Christmas 2013 Anti Drink Drive Campaign

The month long all Wales Christmas Drink Drive Campaign will be launched on the 3rd December at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction by North Wales Police. As road safety professionals our message to drivers is that the smallest amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely, so the only safe option is to not drink at all. The campaign will see officers across Wales conducting high profile roadside checks and using intelligence to identify offenders 24 hours a day. The Christmas and New Year initiative comes as just part of the four Welsh forces’ commitment to change attitudes to drink driving, increase road safety and catch offenders all year round. Colin Jones, Chair of the Gwynedd-Mon Road Safety Partnership said “It is important to remember that a drink you enjoy in the evening can leave you over the limit when driving your car the next morning as alcohol stays in the system for many hours after you stop drinking”.

Friend or foe ?.

Here are Year 12 pupils of Ysgol David Hughes, Menai Bridge sampling Bethan Parry, Anglesey Council's Road Safety Advisor's MOCKTAILS. Bethan was in the common room this afternoon promoting North Wales Police Christmas Anti Drink Drive Campaign which starts Tuesday 3rd of December. Bethan will be highlighting the dangers of accepting a lift from friends who drive under the influence of alcohol.

Supporting BRAKE

Supporting BRAKE

Working together

Working together

Motorcycle CRASH Card Scheme launched in Gwynedd

Motorcycle CRASH Card Scheme launched in Gwynedd

Be bright be seen

REMEMBER! Sunday 27 October 2013 is a significant date in everyone’s life. Why? It is the day that the clocks go back an hour .


The Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnership are supporting North Wales Police with their two week campaign that will run through October which aims to reduce the number’s of drivers who risk using a mobile phone whilst driving. The force will be clamping down on those who continue to ignore the law and endanger all other road users, there will be a zero tolerance approach. Gwynedd will be promoting the campai

Cycling Competition

Recently when stage 4 of ‘ The Tour of Britain ‘ was hosted in Llanberis Year 6 pupils from the Brynrefail catchment took part in several cycling workshops throughout the day .

Cycle Safety Initiative

Recently the Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnership launched a new cycle safety initiative aimed at cyclists and drivers . The key message of the campaign is to encourage cyclists to be more visible on the road and toraise awareness amongst motorists of the importance of a minimum 1.5 metre space when passing .

Cyclist Safety

A new road safety campaign is being launched at the Etape Eryri event Sunday 16th of June aimed at protecting some of the most vulnerable road users - cyclists .

Father’s Day, Sunday 16th June . . .

Does your Father have a motorcycle? Enjoy’s riding it? Could his riding skills be improved ? If your answer is 'yes' why not book your Father onto a *free Bikesafe workshop at Porthmadog Fire Station this Father’s Day .

The National All Wales Summer Anti Drink/Drug Drive campaign 2013

The National All Wales Summer Anti Drink/Drug Drive campaign 2013, backed by all four Welsh Police Forces, will begin on Saturday 1st June. The month long campaign, launched by Gwent Police, will see Forces increase the pressure and focus on those drivers who drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs. The Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership are committed in ensuring that the roads of both counties are safe for all road users therefore support the Campaign fully .

Happy Birthday School Crossing Patrols

In April the School Crossing Patrol Service celebrated it’s 60th birthday. To commemorate and to highlight the importance of crossing with a School crossing patrol, Road Safety Wales invited the primary school children of Wales to take part in a poster competition.

Ysgol Gwaun Gynfi pupils learning the importance of road safety

Pupils at Ysgol Gwaun Gynfi , Deiniolen recently had a special visit from the most famous cat in Gwynedd, Careful Carys .

Free tax disc holder

You can register your details to receive a free tax disc holder to remind passengers to wear a seatbelt in your vehicle.

Motorcycle Launch

The Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnership’s campaign to make the region’s roads safer

Cyclists and motorists

At the beginning of November a new road safety campaign was launched aimed at protecting some of the most vulnerable road users .

Launch of new Gwynedd-Môn road safety partnership

An innovative joint road safety partnership for Gwynedd, Anglesey and the three emergency services has been officially launched at a road safety event at Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor, Glynllfion.

Working together to reduce casualties

The Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership aims to reduce collisions and casualties on local roads, creating safer communities and improving the quality of life for residents and visitors to Gwynedd and Môn.

Drink Drive Campaign

Launch of All Wales Christmas campaign by Gwent Police

Criw Craff Competition

Opportunity to win a prize

Deadly Mates

Road Safety message through drama

Carys Ofalus CD

Launching new CD with Meinir Gwilym and pupils of Ysgol Y Gelli Caernarfon

School Crossing Patrol

Time to share ideas

Fresher’s Fair, Coleg Menai, Bangor

Working in partnership with new students,to encourage safer driving.



Think before you drink - Summer Drink Drive Campaign 2011

Think before you drink – that is the message being driven by all four Welsh police forces ahead of this year’s all Wales Summer Anti Drink / Drug Driving Campaign.

Kerbcraft Scheme at Ysgol Waunfawr

Parents help to teach children Road Safety Skills.