So, you think you're a good rider?main_motorbikes.jpg

Have you got a motorcycle? Do you enjoy riding it? Could your riding skills be improved?
If your answer is 'yes' why not book yourself onto a *free Bikesafe workshop, which are held in North Wales.

Bikesafe is a police-led motorcycle project that is run by most forces in the UK with the main aim being to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on the roads.

Sponsored by the North Wales Partnerships,the workshops which have been arranged to be held at various locations, including Porthmadog and Colwyn Bay, offer practical advice about road safety and educate riders by passing on knowledge and skills to try and help motorcyclists become safer riders.

Part of the morning will be spent in the classroom and then there is then an enjoyable practical road element over approximately 60 miles taking you round the roads of North Wales and the Snowdonia National Park.

 North Wales Police Bikesafe Co-ordinator, Paul Cheshire MBE said: "Bikesafe is about starting on the right path to development as it "Bridges the Gap". Riders should continue to train throughout their riding years and not just stop once they have passed their bike test.
“You will find at Bikesafe workshops that you are sitting alongside like-minded biking enthusiasts with a wide range of experience, skills and different machines.  Whether you are on a commuter bike, scooter or a sports bike, you are equally welcome and will benefit from one of our workshops.”
The BikeSafe workshop explores the main issues facing today’s bikers. It also explores the principles of advanced riding through the on-road element. The BikeSafe Observer will give assessment and feedback which will highlight areas where the rider needs to develop.
Paul Cheshire added: “Whether you passed your bike test six months ago, six years ago or, indeed, twenty-six years ago, you can always improve your level of skill to make your riding not only safer but also more enjoyable.”
In addition North Wales Police will provide a free day’s training of first aid for bikers licensed by Medic Skills from FBoS ( First Bike on Scene – North West NHS). Upon completion you will be issued a Certificate of Approval from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and a safety pack.
If you would like to participate in one of the *free Bikesafe workshops below please visit the Bikesafe website or contact the booking line via 08444 151206 or email

26th of April 2014

12th of July 2014

23rd of August 2014

12th of October 2014

*subject to a £10 booking fee


The Gwynedd Môn Road Safety Partnership are committed  to create an environment where the individual can use the roads with confidence, free from death, injury, damage or fear .



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