Main_drivers.jpgWhether you’ve just passed your driving test or you’ve been driving for years you should always aim to be a safe and responsible driver. Driving is an every day activity for many in the population.

It is not without its risks however and this section provides advice and guidance for being a safe and responsible driver.

Advice to drivers.

It’s up to you as the driver of the vehicle to stay safe on the road and be responsible for the safety of any passengers you are carrying. Make sure your car is in a good, safe condition and you know how to anticipate other road users’ actions.

As the driver of your vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your car are fit for the road.


Driver safety information

Driving licence &vehicle registration

Driving test and safety information

Young drivers and passengers

Newly qualified drivers

Information and advise on babies and children’s car seats

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Engaging with young drivers