the_bag.jpgAnti Drug and Drink Driving Campaign

Every year 3,500 people are killed or seriously injured in drink drive collisions and over 90,000 people are convicted of drink driving.

The Statistics

Nearly one in six of all deaths on the road involve drivers who are over the legal alcohol limit.

People who drive at twice the current legal alcohol level are at least 50 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash.

Drinking and driving occurs across a wide range of age groups but particularly among young men aged 17-29 in both casualties and positive breath tests following a collision.

A week long educational event is being held on Y Maes in Caernarfon ahead of the launch of this summer’s Anti Drink and Drug Driving Campaign.

Starting on Monday the 23rd of May,members of the Gwynedd Road Safety Partnership will be working together to help educate the public about the dangers and consequences of driving whilst under the influence of drink and Drugs.


Partners host educational event ahead of Anti Drink and Drug Driving Campaign

Poster Competition – Anti Drink and Drug Driving Campaign.

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