Road Safety inspires Gwynedd School for their Christmas Concert subject this year

Pupils from Ysgol y Gorlan, Tremadog have been receiving lessons on how to cross the road and how to walk alongside it safely by officers from Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Unit, and this was the meesage they conveyed in their Christmas concert.
Staff from the Road Safety Unit received an invitation to Ysgol y Gorlan to watch the special concert held by the Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils.
The main theme of the concert was the tale of “Carys Ofalus”, who is the character used by the Road Saftey Unit, alongside Imogen Lance who played the role of “Aunty Shirley”, a member of the Road Safety Unit.
Shirley Williams of the Road Safety Unit said: “The concert was fantastic from start to finish, and showed that a lot of hard work was put into creating it. I hope that by taking part in the performance that the children learnt how important it is to take care around the main road. Congratulations to all the pupils that took part.”