Workshop for Motorcycle Commuters

A workshop aimed at promoting safe driving techniques for people who use low powered motorcycles and mopeds to get to and from work is to be hosted by Bikesafe North Wales.

Research shows that there has been a significant rise in the number of road traffic collisions throughout North Wales involving lower powered motorcycles.

Overall KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) motorcycle casualties have experienced an increase, between January and June this year compared to the same period last year. So far this year there have been 39 compared to 24 in 2013 with over 70% of the riders being blameworthy for the collisions.

One theory is that more people are using low powered bikes as they are more economical to use and riders can make savings on fuel costs.

The special workshop, being held on Sunday 13th July on the St Asaph Business Park, is being run by Bikesafe – a police-led motorcycle project that is run by most forces in the UK with the main aim being to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on the roads.

North Wales Police Bikesafe Co-ordinator Paul Cheshire MBE said: “Bikesafe already provides education especially to riders of larger machines where they are ridden on rural roads. Bikesafe now aims to introduce specific education for commuters.

“The key messages for this type of riding are somewhat different to that for leisure riders. 
This specially-designed workshop will look at common scenarios which will provide the bikers with the information they need to stay safer on their commute to work.”

“We will look at road junctions, positioning on the road, overtaking, safe distances and driving on slippery road surfaces.

“For further information regarding this specially-designed *free workshop please contact us on 01492 804135 or via”

Similarly, regular Bikesafe workshops are being co-ordinated over the coming months which are being held at Porthmadog, Colwyn Bay, St Asaph, Rhyl and Broughton.

Supported by the six local authorities, the workshops offer practical advice about road safety and educate riders by passing on knowledge and skills to try and help motorcyclists become safer riders.

*subject to a £10 booking fee

Further advice on how to stay safe on the roads is available via the Think! website

To learn more about Bikesafe please visit their website (