Unique parking scheme at Ysgol Eifion Wyn

Pupils at Ysgol Eifion Wyn in Porthmadog have been fundamental in launching a new scheme that will improve road safety outside their school.

Thanks to the new scheme, developed by the Council and the school, parents will be able to park for free during certain periods as the drop-off and pick-up their children from school. This new scheme encourages parents to leave their cars in the public car park close-by rather than in the school’s staff car park or at the leisure centre, and walk their children to school.

Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council’s Environment Cabinet Member said:

“Ensuring the safety of our children and young people on the road as they travel to and from school is of key importance to us. That’s why the Council’s road safety officers have been working closely with schools across the county to raise awareness amongst pupils about road safety issues.

“The project at Ysgol Eifion Wyn is a great example of the school, pupils, parents and the Council working together to come up with a practical answer to the congestion caused by drivers parking close to the school gates and refusing to use the drop off point. I’d also like to thank the local Councillor for his positive contribution to this important scheme, and staff at the school.”

Councillor Selwyn Griffiths, who represents Porthmadog – West on Gwynedd Council said:
“This is a very positive scheme – with everyone cooperating positively on a brilliant scheme to safeguard Ysgol Eifion Wyn’s pupils and encourage them to walk to school in a safe environment from the car park.

“We sincerely hope that parents will make the most of this parking scheme and avoid parking by the school entrance and on the leisure centre’s grounds nearby as this is dangerous to those who gather on the site.

“Thanks to everyone who have worked so hard to develop the scheme, and of course to the youngsters that will be policing the scheme and developing it further with Ysgol Eifion Wyn’s teachers and the Council’s road safety officers.”

As a part of the new scheme, tickets have been designed by the pupils to indicated that parents can – park in the public car park close to the school between 8am and 9:30am, 11am and 11:30am, and also between 2:45pm and 3:45pm without penalty during school term time.

Carys Jones, Ysgol Eifion Wyn headteacher said: “The school is very happy that the new scheme has been introduced and hope that it will improve safety in the school’s car park and the roads near the school. The children are working closely with road safety officers from Gwynedd Council to promote the scheme and ensure that parents keep to the new arrangements.

“As part of the scheme, the children or the Traffic Team, have received high visibility caps so that they’re more noticeable to motorists as they police the scheme. We very much hope that the parents make the most of the parking scheme as it is safer for the children as they walk to school.”