Road Safety Lessons for Pupils of Groeslon School.Llun_criw_ysgol_Groeslon_-_Rhagfyr_2014.jpg

Road Safety Lessons for Pupils of Groeslon School.

All year 1 school pupils at Groeslon School, have recently been learning about road safety as part of the Gwynedd Council administrated Kerbcraft scheme. Kerbcraft promotes safety for children; the scheme is funded by the Welsh Government.

Under the supervision of Shirley Wyn Williams from Gwynedd Council pupil’s from Year 1 of Groeslon have made the most of the Kerbcraft scheme. The Scheme teaches children aged 5 – 7 to be safe pedestrians by taking them out to the side of the road and teaching them that making the right decisions and how to cope with traffic help keep safe. The children are taken out of the schools in groups by specially trained volunteers who teach the young pedestrians three skills:

1. Identify safe crossing points and routes to cross the road.

2. Learn how to cross safely in areas where cars are parked.
The children are taught to use a safe strategy to cross near parked cars – if the situations are unavoidable.

3. Learn how to cross safely near junctions.

On completing the scheme all year 1 pupil’s received a certificate and high visibility bag from Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Mascot Careful Carys.