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Safe cycling

If you are cycling on the road you should wear appropriate clothing and should ensure that your bicycle is in a roadworthy condition. Wear light or fluorescent coloured clothes with something reflective in order to be seen by drivers.  Remember to wear a helmet that meets British Standards (BS EN 1078:1997) and if you cycle at night, in accordance with the law it is necessary to place lights on your bicycle ,a white light at the front of the bicycle and a red light at the back.
Cycling Safely on road
Whilst cycling on road it is really important to show drivers what you intend to do.  Motorists usually travel faster than cyclists and may have less time to react to hazards, it is therefore important that you always concentrate and try to anticipate what a driver will do. Make sure that you:
Look and signal before you start, stop or turn.
Make eye contact with drivers to let them know that you have seen them.
Acknowledge any courtesy from drivers.
Don’t cycle too close to the kerb.
Ride a car door width away from parked cars.
Consider your road position at junctions and roundabouts.
Are familiar with the Highway Code.
Shared cycle paths for cyclists and pedestrians.
Whilst cycling on a shared cycle path there is a danger that the pedestrian may not see or hear you therefore:
Slow down.
Use your bell to warn cyclists that you are on the path.
Be prepared to slow down and stop if needs be.
Keep to the cyclists’ side of the path.
If you want to learn more and gain confidence whilst cycling on busy roads contact the Road Safety Unit for training on  01248  752378 (Anglesey)  01286  679901(Gwynedd).  Keep safe and enjoy cycling!

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