Force supports national campaign targeting drivers who use their phone behind the wheel

North Wales Police are supporting a national campaign warning of the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Running between 23rd and 29th of May, officers from the Force’s Roads Policing Unit will use the week-long campaign, being led by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), to raise awareness over mobile phone use whilst driving being one of the ‘Fatal 5’offences.

Sergeant Tony Gatley from North Wales Police’ Roads Policing Unit said: “Driving whilst using a mobile phone is a serious concern for police, and a concern that so many drivers continue and choose to risk becoming involved in a serious or fatal road traffic collision.

“Even the most experienced or competent of drivers can easily be distracted and a slight lapse in concentration can have devastating consequences.

“No call, text, app or email is that important – they can wait until you’ve stopped driving. During my police career I have seen the fatal consequences of people who have been distracted by using a mobile phone whilst driving on far too many occasions. Make no mistake; there is an absolute danger to sending that text message or checking your social media profile whilst you’re in charge of a vehicle.

He added: “During last year’s all Wales autumn campaign, 59 drivers were dealt with in north Wales for using a mobile phone behind the wheel. This is still 59 people who are endangering their lives and those of other road users.”

If you are caught using a hand-held phone whilst driving, you can expect anything from three penalty points on your licence and a fine of a £100 to an appearance before court, which, if convicted of driving carelessly or dangerously whilst using a hand-held phone, could result in a disqualification from driving, a large fine and up to two years imprisonment.

Sergeant Gatley added: “We will continue to work with our partners to drive home the message that no call or text is that important. Please heed the warning.”