Cycle Safety Initiative

Kevin Williams from Llanberis who supports the 1.5m initiative
Cyclists in Gwynedd have welcomed Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnerships’ latest campaign aimed at raising awareness among all road users to be more conscious and mindful of one another.
The key message of the campaign is to encourage cyclists to be more visible on the road and to raise awareness amongst motorists of the importance of a minimum 1.5 metre space when passing.
Keen cyclists from both Gwynedd and Anglesey are promoting the initiative by wearing vivid gillets displaying the 1.5 metre vital road safety message when out and about on the roads of not only North Wales but also further afield.
The gillets display the 1.5 metre message clearly as well as being colourful and reflective to ensure that the cyclist can be seen by all other road users during the day and in darkness.
Councillor Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for road safety said:
“As a Council we are eager to encourage more people to cycle, not only for leisure but means of getting from A to B. It’s important that we do everything possible to ensure cyclists’ safety on Gwynedd roads, as they have as much right to the road as anyone else.
“I hope this new safety initiative will raise awareness among motorists of how important it is to leave a safe distance between them and cyclists whilst overtaking, and also reassuring cyclists of their safety on our roads.
“In that respect, it is also necessary to encourage cyclists to take steps to ensure their own personal safety, such as by wearing a helmet and bright colors to increase their visibility on the roads which is extremly important, especially during the winter months when it's darker earlier.”
Kevin Williams, who regularly cycles in Gwynedd, explained he has had several vehicles overtaking him and failing to leave a safe distance:                                     
“I fully support this 1.5 metre initiative and hope that this safety message will filter down to drivers and encourage them to give cyclists more room when overtaking.”
For more information about the 1.5 metre initiative, e-mail partneriaethgm@gwynedd.gov.uk or phone the road safety team on 01286 679901.