Cycle Safety Initiative

Recently the Gwynedd-Môn Road Safety Partnership launched a new cycle safety initiative aimed at cyclists and drivers .  The key message of the campaign is to encourage cyclists to be more visible on the road and to raise awareness amongst motorists of the importance of a minimum 1.5 metre space when passing .

Keen cyclists from both Counties are promoting this initiative  by wearing vivid gillets displaying the 1.5 metre vital road safety message when out and about on the roads of not only North Wales but also further afield .

Pictured above from left to right are Wayne Owen , Alun Williams and Gary Ellis members of Energy Cycles Club who recently visited France to follow the Tour de France .  Alun Williams said “ I personally along with fellow cyclists embrace the 1.5 metre initiative , from personal experience we have  encountered several near misses due to cars passing at close proximity .  On several occasions  friends have been injured and hospitalized due to motorists disregarding our right to be on the roads “ .

If you would be interested in promoting the 1.5 metre initiative click on the icon above for your free sticker to place on the rear window of your vehicle  .