Criw Craff says….


Remember be safe be seen

Being seen is very important, to keep safe on our roads, especially in the Autumn and Winter months, when daylight is short and the night time is long.

Many fatal injuries occur because drivers are unable to see other road users until it is to late.

Remember to wear something bright so that drivers are able to see you day and night.

During the day fluorescent material helps us to be seen.

Fluorescent material does not help us to be seen at night. We must wear something reflective,which will shine in the lights of a car and enable the driver to see us.


The message is

During the day wear something fluorescent and at night something reflective.


1.      Cross on a pedestrian crossing or where there is street lighting. Never cross on an unlit road.

2.      Wear something white if you haven’t got something reflective.

3.      Use a torch, especially in the countryside.


Insist on being seen.

Criw Craff have 25 torches to give out. One to the first 25 contestant that gets the answer right


Fill the gap

To be seen when out at night, I must wear something white or ………. Or use a torch.


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