Gwynedd Council already offer Pass Plus Cymru sessions which is a short, expert-led higher driving course designed for young people aged between 17 -25, and who have passed their driving test.

The course offers various techniques to their experience and develop driving techniques such as driving at night, on the motorway, through country lanes or busy towns.

Rhian Williams, Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Manager, a member of the Gwynedd Road Safety Partnership, said:

“The Pass Plus Cymru scheme is a great way for young people to improve their driving skills and be less likely to injure themselves, their passengers or other road users in a road accident.

“Sadly, drivers in this age group are the most likely to involved in accidents and anything we can do to prevent this is good news indeed.”

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, added: “It’s great to see an opportunity like this offered to young people in Gwynedd. The skills and techniques that they learn on this course could save lives in the future.

“It is also a financial help for them, as it lowers the cost of their car insurance, which can prove to be very costly for new drivers.”

As a further measure to save lives, Gwynedd Council have now introduced a car control session on a first come first serve basis to a percentage of youngsters, who complete Pass Plus Cymru.  The car control session will run for a 2 hour duration and will offer a variety of experiences for the individual, which will include: • Classroom Theory Briefing • Driving Assessment and Primary Training • Car Control Training • ABS Braking explanation, demonstrations and experience. For further information on contact Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety Team on 01286 679414.