Be bright be seen.

Be bright, Be seen when walking and cycling to school was the main message conveyed by the Safety Team at Talwrn school.  Following a meeting with Ceri (Road Safety) and Beca (Bike It Officer) the School Road Safety and Bike It Officers decided to prepare a presentation that would encourage their friends to wear something bright or light whilst travelling to school.  The Safety Team were very concerned to learn that many accidents occur when drivers  find it difficult to see Pedestrians and Cyclists who wear dark clothes.  These are accidents which could be avoided.

The presentation was both interesting and informative.  All pupils enjoyed the presentation.


Pupils came to the conclusion that many Winter coats are dark, but placing something bright and reflective on a dark coat makes the world of difference to your safety.
Even a black coat can be made much more visible by adding a bright bandana and a reflective arm band.
All the children were delighted when they received a reflective arm band from Beca and the School Road Safety Officers will remind everyone to wear their arm bands when walking to school.


Officers from the School Safety Team decided to hold a competition.  A competition to encourage all Pedestrians and Cyclists to wear something bright in order to be seen by drivers.  They will in time judge the competition and present the winner with a bright prize.  Best of luck everybody, do your best!
A big thank you to the Safety team for their excellent work!